"Jon Stewart gets around to Canada"
The Canadian Press
September 3, 1999


TORONTO -- Jon Stewart hopes that by bringing his comedy talk show to Canada he can at last begin to heal the rift between our two great nations.

"The kick-off show for Canada will be a tribute," the deadpan comic-turned-TV host says in a telephone interview. "We're hoping to pop a good guest in, perhaps the lead singer of Loverboy."

Stewart, who in recent years developed the dubious honour of becoming America's crown prince of substitute TV hosts, settled into his own permanent gig last January, replacing the departing Craig Kilborn on The Daily Show for Comedy Central.

Now, the Comedy Network is picking up the half-hour newsmagazine parody, beginning Sept. 13, albeit a day later than its U.S. airing, and nine months after his debut in the anchor chair.

Stewart is glad because, he says, they've now worked out all the bugs and Canadians will see a much smoother show.

"You know when McDonald's wants to try a new spaghetti burger or something and they bring it out in Ohio and they go 'Nobody died, let's send it up to Canada?' We're trying to perfect it so you don't get any of our crap."

Stewart can't wait for the U.S. election campaign process to get rolling to give them some fresh material to work with.

Ah, but will they follow the Canadian election?

"Follow it? I'm in it!"

Which may come as a relief to those viewers who don't find Jean Chretien or Preston Manning near funny enough.


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