Baltimore Sun It's funny how things turn out
01/04 Chicago Sun -Times Daily grind
01/06 Baltimore Sun Satirist reaps the news whirlwind
01/07 Milwaukee Journal The new late knight
01/08 Entertainment Weekly Jonny on the spot
01/08 EW Online Host is clear
01/09 Charleston Gazette JS puts his slant on news
10/09 Commercial Appeal JS will keep satiric edge...
01/09 Richmond Times-Dispatch Third time's a charm? 
01/10 Columbus Dispatch Daily chaos
01/10 Dallas Morning News Show time
01/10 New York Times Enough news to keep 'em rolling
01/10 St. Louis Post -Dispatch Comedian JS takes over...
01/11 Bergen County Record Fresh Daily
01/11 Chicago Tribune Channel surfing
01/11 Daily Herald JS set to put stamp on Daily Show
01/11 Minneapolis Star -Tribune Jon Stewart is ready for 'Daily' dose
01/11 Pittsburgh Post -Gazette JS answers five questions
01/11 The Plain Dealer A Daily dose of laughs
01/11 TV Guide Close-up
01/11 USA Today No longer a stand-in
01/11 Virginian Pilot W&M alumnus...
01/13 Oregonian Irreverent Daily Show doesn't skip a beat with Stewart
01/13 The Washington Times Actor Stewart loves new role
01/14 Seattle Post -Intelligencer Jon Stewart plans to keep pace with quick-witted Daily Show
01/18 Time Q&A: Jon Stewart
01/25 Electronic Media Jon Stewart: Building His Own House at Comedy Central
01/28 Journal Now You can't be serious
01/31 Toronto Sun JS questioned on his acting
January Details Magazine How I became a man
January Jane Magazine Dish
02/02 Ultimate TV JS on skewering news
02/06 TV Guide Roush rave
February InStyle Magazine Man of style
February Link Magazine He's In. The Jon
03/08 Star Interviews Prairie Miller interview with JS
04/05 People Weekly The Daily Show
05/02 Chicago Sun -Times 5 minutes with Jon Stewart
05/06 Atlanta Constitution Stewart finds niche
05/08 New York Magazine 52 Weekends [sidebar]
05/10 People Inside People
05/10 People 50 most beautiful
06/12 TV Guide Online JS makes room for Daddy
06/20 Bergen County Record JS, overachieving underdog
06/20 Chicago Sun -Times Must be moving on
06/23 News Wires Comedy Central press release
06/24 Calgary Sun Jon's take on out-takes
06/26 Calgary Sun JS's cookin now
06/30 The View Jon Stewart
June Biography Stranded on a Desert Island: Jon Stewart
June GQ Magazine JS on the art of self-deprecation
07/09 Dallas Morning News JS lives by his sharp wit
07/19 People Weekly Hold the mayo
07/21 Comedy Central chat Jon Stewart chat (features a question by the JSEB)
08/10 Commercial Appeal 'Indecision 2000'
09/03 The Canadian Press JS gets around to Canada
September The Review (U of Del.) Giving everyone his daily dose
10/02 The Vancouver Sun Jon Stewart's Daily Grind
10/03 The New York Times Late-night hosts in search of their niches
10/04 The Today Show Matt Lauer Interview
11/19 ABC Politically Incorrect
11/22 The New York Observer Exit Strategy for Letterman: Get Jon Stewart
December Comedy Central webcast Live webcast with Jon and Vance (features mention of JSEB)

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