"Jon Stewart makes room for Daddy"
TV Guide Online
June 12, 1999
by Jeanne Wolf


What do you get when you put Adam Sandler and Jon Stewart together? "A lot of sexual tension. I think that's clear," Stewart jokes.

Honestly, you get the movie Big Daddy (opening June 25), in which Sandler plays a major slacker who adopts a young boy to win back his ex-girlfriend. Stewart plays his super-successful friend who is getting ready to settle down with his girlfriend, a Hooters waitress-turned-doctor, played by Leslie Mann.

Stewart essentially plays the straight man in Big Daddy and since he let Adam steal the big laughs in the movie, Stewart goes for some yucks when you ask him a serious question like, "What makes Adam Sandler so funny?" He says, deadpan, "I'll be honest. Ever look him in the eyes? It's hypnotizing. It's very much in the almost girlishness of his walk, I think. He has a certain step that many would call pansy-ish. No, seriously. He's just funny and he doesn't try and doesn't contrive it."

As for being the Big Daddy of The Daily Show, Stewart especially loves the terror of finding a good news story. "That's the best. When you're stuck and there's nothing. And you're looking around in the paper and it's like, 'Hey, look! There was a riot over dirty underwear in North Carolina,' and you go, 'Yeah, that's great.' But when it's 3:00 and something's coming over the wire and it's Fabio hit in the face with a goose, then you feel like you're doing something." That said, he does miss the days of the easy dig. "I look back at the Monica Lewinsky days with great nostalgic flavor, like old people look back to the nickel movie," he says.


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