"Jon Stewart on the art of self-deprecation"
GQ Magazine
June, 1999
by Jon Stewart


"The hubrid of the industry make the person who has the average insecurities seem as thought he's playing the shtick of self-loathing when in fact it's just the normal shit that we all go through. Obviously, I have some sense of confidence to fight through all the rejection you have to fight through in this business.

"But a part of me is probably still trapped in whatever emotional state I was in at 14-years-old, when my nose and head were the same size they are now, but my body was half its weight. I think there's a part of you that's always stuck in that. And when you look in the mirror, and you evaluate what you're doing, it's always fractionally coming from that perspective.

"I in no way go home and say, 'You're a whore!' I don't flog myself with a belt and yell, 'I'm a whore!' Although I do sometimes paint myself up and shout in the mirrow, 'You're a whore!' But that's purely a game. It's all about the rouge."


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