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New York Magazine
March 8, 1999
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So where does Jon Stewart escape when the glamorous grind of New York City works his last comic nerve? New Jersey, naturally. "The state gets a lousy rap," complains the new star of Comedy Central's Daily Show, who takes off for the Jersey shore every few months with his girlfriend and a few six-packs.

"I'm not into the adventure vacation," he sighs. "I'm not a hang-gliding, X-Games, 'Oh, my God, I think I broke my pelvis' type of guy. I basically have the vacation habits of a 70-year-old Jew. I drive down, find a spot near the boardwalk, and bake in the sun for eight hours while my prostate enjoys a cool hydra-bath inside."

The more rarefied rewards of the Hamptons leave Stewart cold. "In New Jersey, you get proper, wholesome food like cheese steaks, a little ice cream, a slice. Nobody should eat a grilled-portobello sandwich on the beach. It's just not natural. Besides, there are very few spots in the Hamptons.


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