January / February 1999
by Geri Richter Campbell


Jon Stewart could make milk come out of my nose. 

Certain people crack me up: Bill Murray, Woody Allen, Dr. Katz, to name a few. Jon Stewart's been cracking me up since I first saw him at the Comedy Cellar in New York ten years ago.

I'm so glad he's in two new movies, Playing by Heart and The Faculty. And hosting The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He heads up his own company, Busboy Productions, and still manages to squeeze in some stand-up time. He also just published a hysterical book of politically incorrect essays, titled Naked Pictures of Famous People. 

I catch him in his office eating mac 'n' cheese and sipping a Coke; later he uses the bottle as an ashtray. When I ask him how many butts are in there by the end of the day, he tells me he has "no idea, and counting would take all the fun out of it."

Jon's 36, so we reminisce about "growing up in the good old days before kids had these damn computers and actually played outside." His favorite TV shows back then were The Rat Patrol, Emergency, and The Hudson Brothers Show. His favorite cereal was Quisp. His favorite band? "I'm a Jersey boy; had to be Springsteen, or you'd get you ass kicked." When I ask who his favorite sex-symbol was, he deadpans, "At 8 years old, it had to be Ed Kranepool of the Mets."

When I tell him that stand-up is the scariest thing in the world to me, he scoffs: "There are a hell of a lot of jobs that are scarier than live comedy." Like what? "Like standing in the operating room when a guy's heart stops, and you're the one who has to fix it!" Oh, I guess that is a little scarier than an HBO special.


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