"Jon Stewart questioned on his acting"
Toronto Sun
January 31, 1999
by Natasha Stoynoff


Talk show host Jon Stewart got a taste of the other end of the hot seat when he recently braved the press to talk about his acting role in Playing By Heart.

"There was a French reporter who stormed out after I started yelling about Catherine Deneuve in a car crash," he laughs, holding court at The Essex House in Manhattan. "I was saying something like, 'Those French movies are always about two beautiful people and they always die in a car crash,' and she stood up and walked out. But at least she was giggling."

Stewart's performance in Heart is one of the most likable in the star-studded ensemble cast, which includes Sean Connery, Gillian Anderson, Dennis Quaid, Madeleine Stowe, Jay Mohr, Anthony Edwards and Gena Rowlands. But he insists his change of medium was not a calculated thing. "I don't have a sort of Amway-esque chart up on my refrigerator or anything," he says.

He does, though, admit to being a trifle intimidated by his stellar surroundings.  "I think," he says, of his famous co-stars, "they thought I was the caterer."


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