"Q&A: Jon Stewart "
January 18, 1999
by Joel Stein


In a brief interview, comedian Jon Stewart gives some humorous answers to nosy questions, such as who he is dating, how he compared to Larry King, and how he felt when his talk show was canceled.

Jon Stewart takes over as host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show on Jan. 11. 

Q: So, are you dating some model? 
A: Oh, yeah. Ivanka Trump. 

Q: She's like 12, isn't she? 
A: Yeah, but she's very mature. I don't know if you've ever really talked to her, but she's very Dawson's Creek. No, my girlfriend is going back to school, actually. We've been together for 35 years. 

Q: This is a bad time to have a girlfriend. Your stock is going up. 
A: You think? I checked my rotisserie standings. I still look like a utility player. 

Q: How do you compare to Larry King? 
A: Nobody scores more points than King. The only one who can challenge him is Al Roker, only because he scores in so many categories. If Roker ever puts out a music album, it's over. 

Q: Why didn't you take over Larry Sanders
A: That was just the plot line. 

Q: But there was no reality to that? 
A: Every now and again, we'd think, "What if we did do that?" You're in that After MASH scenario. Guys are in a meeting saying, "I think people would care about Radar and Klinger in Iowa." We saved ourselves from that. 

Q: Your talk show was canceled by Paramount, the company that went on to distribute Desmond Pfeiffer and Homeboys in Outer Space. That's got to hurt. 
A: No. It doesn't have to hurt. You're a bitter man for 27. I am shocked at your level of bitterness for 27. 

Q: It's been tough. 
A: I was going to say, it sounds like you've had a hard life: a suburban kid from Jersey. Who hurt you? Did Carson hurt you? Did Cavett say something mean? What happened to you, boy? Look, there's a kibbutz I know. Honestly. You'll get your head straight. Come on out there, knock down some halvah. You'll have yourself a time.


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