"Jon Stewart answers five questions"
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
January 11, 1999
by Rob Owen


Jon Stewart said he doesn't know if he'll continue the "Five Questions" segment when he begins his tenure as host of The Daily Show tonight at 11 on Comedy Central. No matter, we had our own questions for him:

Q. You're from New Jersey, so who do you think is a better singer, Bon Jovi or Springsteen?
A. "Come on, Springsteen. Make these hard."

Q. Which would you rather do, watch local news or pay your taxes?
A. "Pay my taxes while watching local news."
Incorrect. "Pay my taxes" was the correct answer.  

Q. Better late night host: Larry Sanders or David Letterman?
A. "Sanders had his time, but Letterman is forever."

Q. What's the better home for a late-night talk show, basic cable or first-run syndication?
A. "I'd rather host a show in a concentration camp than first-run syndication ... so basic cable."

Q. What's the best show on Comedy Central?
A. Animal ER
Incorrect. The answer is South Park.


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