June 1999 - Magnificent and traumatizing appearance during in which Jon first announced that he was engaged. See the transcript here to get a feel for the whole interview and to catch words that are hard to hear. This is Jon's finest interview. He's side-splittingly hillarious and sock-pullingly charming. I can't figure out why they don't have him on every week.
  Jon responds to an earlier discussion about cursing on the South Park movie. Plus, dirty girls.


On being voted one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People.
  Jon as big movie star.
  Jon teases Star about the mosquito problems in her new home.
  Jon threatens Joy Behar.
  221kb After watching the opening credits of The Daily View, a take-off of The View, Jon and Barbara discuss.
  396kb* Jon answers letters about love. Announces engagement. Breaks millions of hearts.
  858kb* Jon describes the proposal.
  108kb Jon answers letter about romance.
  Jon describes what Adam Sandler is really like.

May 2000 - This appearance was not nearly as fun as the first one, but it was still entertaining and far better than the crap they usually have on the show. Bryant Gumbel was also on the show in a featured interview.

  On Bryant Gumbel.
  Why Jon is in entertainment.

Thanks to Annie for these.


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