"Talking with ... Jon Stewart"
November 23, 1998
by Cynthia Wang


So far, the worst part about publishing his new, sharp-eyed satire, says actor-comedian Jon Stewart, was meeting one of his targets at a taping of CBS This Morning. "Martha Stewart [no relation] was really nice," he says sheepishly. But would Martha have offered him a slice of plum cake if she knew how wickedly Stewart lampoons her, along with Hanson and the Taco Bell Chihuahua, in Naked Pictures of Famous People (Rob Weisbach/ Morrow)? Maybe not. "I told her she was 'honored' in my book," he recalls. "Then I said, `Bye!' and ran off."

Stewart, 35, is less tentative about the next steps in his career. The author, who lives in Manhattan with graphic designer Tracey McShane, used to host his own syndicated late-night TV talk show and later starred in HBO's The Larry Sanders Show. Next month he appears in two movies (The Faculty and Playing by Heart, in which he romances Gillian Anderson). And in January he replaces Craig Kilborn as anchor of Comedy Central's The Daily Show. "They're shrinking the decor, because Craig is, like, 6'8" and I'm officially listed as 28 inches tall," reports the 5'8" Stewart. "I can't reach the light switches or controls."

Photo caption: "Insomnia is my greatest inspiration," says Stewart.


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