Once upon a time there lived a comedian named Jon Stewart, who was known for his ironic wit, his charming Jewishness, and his tendency to act in 2nd-rate films. His fans were fine with this; they didn't mind spending their extra cash on cheesy movies. But then one day, Jon provided his voice for a straight-to-video catroon so bad, that many his fans couldn't bear to watch it. The few who did barely survived. However, one fan was able to capture a few sounds from the movie, which you can find below.

  Godfrey (Jon's character) & Daniel see Thumbelina for the first time.


Godfrey is excited to tell the Mole King what they have found.
  But there's plenty of time to tell him.
  The blind Mole King wants to know who's there.
  Godfrey summons the maid.
  Godfery tells Thumbelina she's basically screwed.
  Jon gets to do his best preacher impersonation.
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