Jon plays Mr. Furlong, a science teacher with a penchant for cash. He turns into something icky later. If you haven't watched the film, make sure you watch the credits. Jon has a brief appearance there that will make you fall to the ground and cry with laughter. But that might just be me.
  The kids find some thingy that reacts to water. Mr. Furlong considers the potential for grant money.


So this thingy, it starts to swim around in the aquarium, and Mr. Furlong slips on a glove.
  The thingy, whilst being fondled by Mr. Furlong, decides to bite him with big big teeth.
  Later, Mr. Furlong doesn't seem to be himself. Where is the thingy? What are all those waving tentacles coming out of Mr. Furlong's mouth? And talk about moody.
  Classic sci-fi line (minus the Zeke part), uttered by our own Jon.

Thanks to Annie for these.


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