From various miscellaneous episodes collected over a long period of time.
  On Ford's sponsoring of Schindler's List.


"Answering Andy," Andy Rooney's comment on Erma.
  On chimps, AIDS, & government conspiracies.
  On God's gifts to Jews.
  On a new church encouraging Gen-Xers to worship.
  Vance and Beth try to apologize to each other. Things go downhill. Jon moderates. Sort of.
  Kick in the Balkans coverage by Vance and Jon.
  "Answering Andy," Andy Rooney's rant on envelopes.
  On bacteria.
  344kb* Jon rants about Celine Dion.
  252kb On Billy Joel confronting Jon about certain jokes.
  256kb* Snippet from A Guy Watching The Real World.
  542kb Headlines story about Einstein. Ends with a psychic connection.
  555kb* MP3 found on Napster before it closed. Triumph's appearance in full. Downsampled for faster download.

Thanks to Annie for these.


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