This show's issues featured pro-lifers (Christian guy who spreads his message through rock and roll) vs. pro-choicers (the other four), and a guy who believes that all income should be capped at $100,000. Jon is serious on the first subject. He gets silly on the second one.
  Serious thought on morality. (Other than a minor joke at the end, not really a funny sound unless you're weird. I mean clinically weird.)


Two merged clips of Jon yelling and interrupting. Very funny, though it was sort of a "you had to be there" kind of thing.

November 1999 - The panel included Lennox Lewis, who had just won the heavyweight championship. Jon was in top form.

  On giving cab drivers guns.
  On an athlete and his image, Lennox vs. Jon.
  On exploiting minorities to benefit a college.
  On boxing and fairness, Jon's query.

Thanks to Annie for these.


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