- This was a terrific appearance, primarily because Dave freaked out about celebrities throwing hissy fits when they're ridiculed. Dave was in top, cranky form. Jon showed off his true talents by egging Dave on in a subtle and hillarious way. It was classic.
  Jon's observations on how Dave greeted him.


Dave's rant on whiny celebrities who can't take a joke.
  Story about Billy Joel visiting Jon after Jon joked about Joel.
  Jon on his role in Big Daddy.

Spring of 2000
- This aired shortly after Dave returned from his massive bypass surgery. The show included a sketch (largely silent, which is why we don't have sounds from it) in which Jon gave Dave a heart in a wet paper bag. Dave thanked him and said he didn't need it. Jon, worried, leaves the stage and returns the heart to Tony Randall.
  On having to watch Ted Koppel during Dave's absence.
  Jon speculates that Dave is still on the operating table.
  On genetics and height.
  On great questions of the modern era.

July 2000 - Excellent appearance in general.
  120kb On performing at Carnegie Hall.
  165kb On the Y2K crisis.
  532kb* On Jon's aging computer.
  201kb On covering the political conventions.
  244kb On Darva Conger in Playboy.

Thanks to Annie for these.


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