Spring 1999 - The blonde secretary from Ally McBeal was on that night, and we got the impression that she didn't like Jon and had no sense of humor. But then, anyone who dislikes Jon can't possibly have a sense of humor.
  On New York City cops.


How Jon explained Passover to classmates in second grade.

- This aired just prior to the 2000 presidential election. Jon was in top standup form (although he was sitting). It was an outstanding appearance overall. Al Gore's two daughters were on after Jon. Jon stuck around and made some comments.

  On having the Republican Convention in Los Angeles.
  Republican entertainers being worse then Democratic entertainers.
  167kb On Jay's partying.
  97kb All the whites at the Republican Convention.
  373kb* Gore's balancing the ticket with a Jew.
  446kb* Why so many minorities are in entertainment. Jon gets up to dance a little.
  146kb* The gay agenda.
  "That's all I'm sayin....
  Jon's Clinton impression.
  On Gore's stiffness (to Gore's daughters).
  On politics being a sham(to Gore's daughters).

Thanks to Annie for these.


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