Naked Pictures of Famous People review
"A Funny but Weird Perspective"
Roanoke Times & World News
January 24, 1999
by Larry Shield


Just imagine a very slow, boring day with absolutely nothing to do but surf the cable channels. All of a sudden, Larry King comes on the air with his special guest, Adolf Hitler. King asks, "Was there any remorse?" Hitler answers, "I always thought I could stop any time I wanted. If I could just get Czechoslovakia, that would be the end of it." Imagine switching to The Learning Channel and seeing Leonardo da Vinci's lost notebook, the one with the first drawing of a Christmas tree-shaped air freshener with hanging instructions showing how to suspend it from the rearview mirror of an automobile. Just two wickedly bizarre trips into the very weird psyche of Jon Stewart.

Stewart makes Robin Williams seem like Al Gore. If violating political correctness offends you, this book will, too. But, it really is funny, albeit somewhere to the right of Attila the Hun.


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