Naked Pictures of Famous People review
by Miss Rebecca


Naked Pictures of Famous People: Why We Paid $30 for This Book

I suppose I'm prejudiced in writing a review of Jon's book, being head of his fan club. Jon could sneeze, and the majority of the people reading this article, along with myself, would coo and swoon over him. That's just the kind of guy he comes across as, in any medium; whether it be the TV, a movie, or his writing.

This book is not for the intellectually inept, probably hindering the lack of it's widespread popularity. It's filled with not only references to today's current events, but has a rich background of past historical occurrences.

Well, either that or there are a lot more closet Hanson fans then we thought.

From the Acknowledgments in the beginning of the book, which the more avid Jon Stewart fans will understand and appreciate, (Jon dedicates the book to his cat, dog, and now-fiancee Tracey,) to the helpful Microsoft dictionary at the end, (whupped is correctly spelled "whapped," "whipped," and "whooped,") Jon gets us to actually laugh aloud as if we were watching him in a stand-up act which explains why his book is actually better when read aloud.

No one who read this book usually agrees on a favorite chapter, giving at least eighteen definite reasons to love this book. I'm sure most people could add another ten of their own.

The only problem with this book is it's length. After you've read the first three chapters, you glance at the clock, tears glittering in your eyes, your head teetering on the verge of a migraine from laughing so violently, and realize you've only been reading for five minutes. Take your time with this book, savor it. Read a chapter and force yourself to put it away. Lock it in the linen closet, because Baby, you don't know what you have till it's gone.


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