"Stars Reminisce About Hanukkah"
November 25, 2002
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WASHINGTON (AP) - It's true what Adam Sandler says. There are "so many Jews are in show biz." But when they were going up, many of them felt out of place.

For Leonard Nimoy, growing up Jewish in a Christian neighborhood of Boston was like growing up Vulcan in a neighborhood full of humans.

Nimoy says he felt he didn't fit in, especially around Hanukkah. As a boy Nimoy desperately wanted a Christmas tree. He says it was quite a battle in his house. Nimoy says he finally persuaded his parents to let him hang some tinsel on a rubber plant.

"The Daily Show" comedian Jon Stewart is also Jewish, but he says he doesn't remember much "religiosity" in his household when he was growing up. "I think we lit candles occasionally," Stewart tells AP Radio.

For Nimoy, Stewart, all the people in Adam Sandler's song, and Jewish boys and girls everywhere, Hanukkah comes early this year, beginning Friday at sundown.


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