"Jon Stewart Discusses Election Show"
Associated Press
November 5, 2002


WASHINGTON -- To ready himself for election night coverage, CBS News anchor Dan Rather has been studying the issues for weeks. To prepare for his completely made-up election-night coverage, comedian Jon Stewart jokes that he starts to drink a few hours before the polls close.

Stewart, host of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show," presents a special edition of the show in honor of elections. Stewart says that just like "The Daily Show," the "Indecision 02" special doesn't use any reporters to gets its news.

"We have actually no news gathering capabilities, so ... it's sort of like writing an interactive video," Stewart explains. "We write to what we imagine will be the themes of the night."

So what is Stewart always scribbling on the pages in front of him? Stewart says he's doodling, not updating his stories. He says it keeps his mind off the fact that he quit smoking a year and a half ago.

"Indecision 02" is seen Tuesday on Comedy Central.


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