"24-hour party person"
US News & World Report
October 31, 2002
by Vicky Hallett


Finding the funny in every story, anchor Jon Stewart of Comedy Central's The Daily Show lampoons international crises, domestic drama, entertainment dish, and politics–especially elections. That said, this is the first time Stewart is taking on the notoriously boring midterm elections, broadcasting direct from Washington, D.C., this week.

How can you get people excited about the midterms?

I always thought the candidates were supposed to do that. Now I realize shows on cable networks are. Me and the people from Jackass will get together.

Which midterm election do you remember most fondly from your childhood?

I remember 1974. Ahh, the congressional runoffs. Maybe it's just the nostalgia of youth. Honestly, I don't remember any others. As far as I know, this is the first one.

Any races you're watching extra closely?

The Florida governor race only because of the family drama. If Jeb [Bush] goes down in flames, he may find himself standing behind Neil in the Christmas photos.

How much TV news do you watch?

I watch the 24-hour channels all day long. It's probably dangerous that I'm immersing myself in it. It's like Las Vegas. You just can't stay there that long.

How can the news media improve?

We need more 24-hour stations. There's a lot of stuff slipping through the cracks. Maybe a ticker with news on the bottom of the screen and on the top one with rumors they've heard? Stuff that would create real drama.

Anything new in store for the D.C. shows?

I will not be wearing pants.


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