"Mover & Shakers"
July 15, 2002
by Betsy Schiffman


Who's buying, who's selling in the world of high-end real estate:

The Daily Show Host's Deal

In the first Daily Show after Sept. 11, comedian Jon Stewart lamented the fact that there weren't any jobs available for a man in the fetal position crying under his desk. But that isn't what made his monologue memorable; in a moving conclusion, he trumpeted the view from his apartment: It had been of the World Trade Center, and now it's of the Statue of Liberty.

Stewart may finally own that view. According to a New York Observer report, the 39-year-old King of Irreverence closed the purchase of his $2.6 million condo a couple months ago. The home itself isn't quite as humble as the self-effacing comic. It reportedly includes a 1,500-square-foot terrace, three bedrooms and three bathrooms. And it's located right off Fifth Avenue in downtown Manhattan.

Stewart (born Jon Stewart Leibowitz) is the star of cable network Comedy Central and is said to be earning about $1.5 million a year. It's a mighty salary for a cable star, but Stewart has proven to be one of the most valuable comic commodities around and was expected to be a promising replacement for Dave Letterman if ABC had successfully lured the Late Show host away.

[Photo caption: Funny man finds peace off Fifth Avenue.]


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