"Jon Stewart in Foreign Fling with CNN"
July 9, 2002
by Craig Offman


NEW YORK -- Comedy Central wiseacre Jon Stewart is going global.

CNN's international outlet CNNi will broadcast a version of "The Daily Show" to 161 million homes starting Sept. 21. The comedian will retell the week's best yucks for his foreign viewers.

"I think he's a great fit for a latenight audience," said Rena Golden, CNNi's executive VP and general manager. "And he deals with current events."

Even though a comedian appearing on a news channel does seem incongruous, Stewart delivers his arch take on current events from behind a mock anchor's desk.

Golden is confident Stewart's wry humor will translate abroad. "We made this decision on the merits of Jon himself," she said, adding that the network didn't pursue any other comedians for the job. "He has a quick wit, but he's not overwhelming -- he's not the stereotype of an overpowering American."

With the majority of its viewers in the 30-49 age-range, CNNi claims a younger demo than its American cousin. The cable channel makes a consistent effort to skew younger, as it did with its recent signing of former ITN anchor and heartthrob Daljit Dhaliwal.


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