"'Daily Show' Quizzes Bachelor Mayor"
Associated Press
June 13, 2002


NEW YORK (AP) - How do you pick up women when you're the mayor of New York City?

That's what Jon Stewart wanted to know from Mayor Michael Bloomberg, his guest on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" Wednesday night.

Stewart asked Bloomberg, who's a bachelor, which lines he uses: '"Good evening, I am the mayor of one of the greatest cities in the world,' or 'My name is Mike and I run a 24-hour information network?'"

"Whatever works," Bloomberg replied, grinning.

Stewart also asked the mayor, a reported billionaire, about opting not to live in the official residence, Gracie Mansion.

"You must have a nice house to be able to say, 'That mansion? Ehhh,'" Stewart said, to which Bloomberg laughed and said, "Suffice it to say, I'm comfortable."

Bloomberg later reiterated his recent mantra that New York is the "safest big city in the country" and mentioned that the most that ever happens to him during his daily commute to City Hall on subway trains is being asked for his autograph.


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