"Soon, All the World Will Be Jon's Stage"
New York Daily News
July 10, 2002
by Donna Petrozzello


Comedy Central's "Daily Show" anchor Jon Stewart is going global.

CNN International, the global version of the cable news channel, has signed a deal with Comedy Central to air a pared-down version of Stewart's late-night newscast in countries across Europe, Asia and the Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

CNN International's "The Daily Show: Global Edition" is set to launch Sept. 21.

The 30-minute weekend show will feature clips from "Daily Show" editions that have aired that week.

The CNN version will follow the format of Stewart's weeknight series, including his satiric twists on news headlines, celebrity interviews and offbeat feature news reports.

CNN International will air "Global Edition" at 11:30 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays in Latin America and at 12:30 a.m. on Sundays and Mondays in other regions.

The late-night show will be the global news channel's first non-news entertainment program, according to CNN International general manager Rena Golden.

"We've been looking to add late-night entertainment programming for quite a while," Golden said, noting that talks between the channels to acquire a version of "Daily Show" began nearly a year ago.

"I think Jon Stewart's humor is smart and very current and we think he has a unique take on America that our audience will appreciate," she added.

Likewise, CNN's "Daily Show" compilation will be the first series that Comedy Central will produce specifically for an international audience.

Some other Comedy Central shows — "South Park" and "Battlebots" — are carried in other countries in the same format they appeared in the U.S., said channel spokesman Tony Fox.

"People have long thought that comedy is so culturally specific that it can't be appreciated in other countries, but shows such as 'South Park' have demonstrated that's not the case," Fox said. "We think that the content of the 'Daily Show' will work on an international level because of the ubiquitous nature of news today."

Golden said that CNN International will work with Comedy Central producers to determine which clips to include in its weekend version of "Daily Show," and CNN producers can bump the show in favor of breaking news coverage.

Fox said Stewart is not expected to soften his critical stance on American customs and politics or handle international news events differently to suit new viewers.

"I don't think this deal with CNN International will in any way affect the content of the 'Daily Show' domestically," said Fox.


Photo caption: The Daily Show's former object of mockery is now its new home.


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