"Daily Showman"
The Weekender (PA)
January 23, 2002
by Kelly Clisham


Some words Jon had for the Weekender on:

What he'd be doing if he wasn't in show business:
"Probably coaching prison inter mural football."

How comedy has changed since 9/11:
"It's so hard to say. We haven't really processed it yet. It's so difficult to get a sense of what it's meant. I'm just trying to do the best comedy I can. It will be years before any of us realzed what truly happened.
"(Immediately following 9/11) we were all in such a state of shock, we wanted nothing more than a hug and to have a drink."

Any topic he won't joke about:
"Comedy is just an intuitive sort of a business. Every subject is different."

Favorite guests:
"I always enjoy having friends like Dennis Leary on. My friends give me a harder time than anybody. It's really not fair, but I wouldn't trade them for anything. On second thought, yes, I would."

On hosting the Grammy's:
"I really enjoy hosting a show where there are 15,000-16,000 people who want nothing more than to see the band and want you out of there." (He's thrilled that U2, a personal favoritewill be performing.)

On performing in Wilkes-Barre:
"I plan to just do my New York humor and substitute "Wilkes-Barre" for "New York." I vow to do the best show I can. I vow to pronounce the name of your town in the manner in which it should be pronounced. You deserve that."


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