"Jon Stewart goes Daily"
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August 11, 1998
by Joal Ryan


The killer bees. Or Jon Stewart's TV career. Which would take America by storm first? 

Today, Stewart bolted into the lead, named host-to-be of Comedy Central's weeknight news parody, The Daily Show. He'll bow on the show in January when incumbent frat-boy Craig Kilborn moves to CBS to inherit Tom Snyder's Late Late Show seat. (You'll be tested on this later.) 

The Daily Show marks Stewart's latest opportunity to make a (big) name for himself as a tube personality. "There's really only five of these jobs available," he told a morning New York press conference. 

The comic has gone through at least two of them himself. In 1993, he hosted a self-titled late-night talk show for MTV. In 1994, the program moved into syndication. While critics liked, audiences yawned and The Jon Stewart Show was off the air after a single season. 

Next up was a deal with longtime Stewart booster David Letterman and CBS. Reportedly eyed for a gig in the time slot after Snyder's, his new show never happened. 

Instead, Stewart played fill-in host on Late Late Show and played Larry Sanders' successor on HBO's comedy of the talk-show game, The Larry Sanders Show

Given the cutthroat nature of the late-night world, Stewart said he's happy his new full-time gig is one "where I don't feel like I'm pushing the guy out." Indeed, Kilborn is probably grateful. He's been trying to extract himself from The Daily Show since signing on as Snyder's replacement. Comedy Central had been adamant (to the point of threatening legal action) about holding the ex-SportsCenter anchor to his contract (which doesn't expire until September 1999) until a new host was named. 

Finally, it appears all posts are filled, all parties are happy. Until the next shakeup.


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