"Love, Lust & Heartbreak"
January, 1996
by ?


Jon Stewart, 33 (stand-up comedian and actor, in the upcoming Wishful Thinking)

On losing his virginity: I wasn't that young -- I was seventeen and in college. I was just glad the girl didn't know it was my first time, despite my going, "Yes, score!"... But the floodgates didn't just open after that. I didn't come out of the door with a pipe and a smoking jacket saying, "Next!"

On fantasy: I had what the French would call a menage a trois, but what I would call two-ladies-I-met-in-a-bar. It was incredibly awkward. I had enough trouble with one and then there was another person sitting there going, "Uh-huh." I was also still not too in tune with ... well, let me just say, walk before you run. Boy, this is going to be one ugly piece of journalism!


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