"Jon Stewart Signs 3-year Movie Deal with Miramax"
Chicago Sun-Times
November 9, 1995
by Michael Fleming


NEW YORK -- Four months after the demise of his late-night talk show, Jon Stewart has landed a three-year deal with Miramax Films. He will star in two movies per year and will get the chance to write and produce some of them.

Miramax co-chairmen Harvey and Bob Weinstein offered Stewart the deal after he co-starred with Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Beals and James LeGros in the comedy Wishful Thinking.

His production company will set up shop at Miramax's Tribeca headquarters. He was just cast in Paramount's First Wives Club. Stewart said he'll concentrate on acting and stand-up, but hasn't fully gotten over losing his syndicated show.

Stewart will kick off the Miramax deal in January, acting in one of Miramax's existing projects while he works on a script adaptation of the Jack Finney novella The Night People.


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