"Dream Date"
September 26, 1994
by ?


Amid a summer of too many cigarettes and not enough sleep while prepping for his new syndicated hour-long gabfest, former MTV talk show host Jon Stewart found one bright spot: returning to MTV for its annual Video Music Awards and sharing the podium with co-presenter Cindy Crawford.

"That is the most surreal thing that has happened to me," gasps Stewart, 30. "I can't believe she's cool and we get along. It's like when you have a fever and the walls seem to be moving." So is Cindy dumping husband Richard Gere and, as Stewart said from the stage, heading with him to a tropical paradise to indulge in things sexual?

Alas, sighs Stewart, it was that pesky fever talking. "For that to happen, there'd have to be some sort of rope and ether involved."


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